Gillespie Engineering Inc.
Photo Gallery

  • Monmouth Park Racetrack: In preparation for The Breeder's Cup, we repaired spalled concrete under grandstands and replaced floor slab over deteriorated decking in upper clubhouse dining area.
  • Hinds Road Shopping Center: New retail space located in Toms River, New Jersey.  The structure was a combination of steel framing, masonry bearing walls, and light gauge steel framing for store fronts.

  • The Dickson Residence: Beachfront house foundation settlement re-stablized using AB Chance Helical Anchors.  The cracked basement wall was removed and replaced after helical piers were installed.
  • The Flax Residence:  Existing beachfront house altered to add a third level.  The existing foundation and ground floor was re-used.  A steel frame was installed to resist hurricane force winds of 115 mph on the elevation facing the ocean.

  • The Church Street Condominiums: This building was originally built as a Military Academy in Matawan in the 1800's. The brick foundation at the rear of the building was severely deteriorated.  We lifted the building off the foundation and installed a series of steel supports to support most of the load.  The brick foundation was repaired using the original brick.
  • The Peacock Inn:  The original building was used as a boarding house in the 1700's and was originally located on Nassau Street.  It was moved to Route 206 when Princeton University expanded in the 1800's. We enlarged the bar and banquet facilities on the first floor by removing bearing walls.  The first floor framing was removed and replaced with engineered lumber for additional floor strength. The basement was lowered (foundations underpinned) to include a new wine cellar.  Bearing walls on the upper floors were removed to enlarge the guestrooms which now include private jacuzzis.
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